Active in the social field marks Longevity

Life is more meaningful if we can help those who are less fortunate. To volunteer in various social activities is also known to us long life .

There are lots of social activities we can do , like reading books for the blind, to support the activities of children with cancer in the hospital , teaching street children , and much more.

An analysis of the health effects of social activities mentioned , social volunteers had a mortality rate of 22 per cent lower than those who do not engage in social activities.

An analysis of 40 studies also showed that volunteers generally have a lower risk of depression. They are also more satisfied with their lives . Do good things seem to make the volunteers feel good about life.

Even so, the positive effects of social events had turned again felt after we do regularly. So if you're only a couple of times recently involved in social activities, can make the inner satisfaction not as pronounced .

In a study conducted by Dr.Suzanne Richards of the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK , he examined the volunteers who regularly donate their time in social activities .

Richards explains , active in social activities will increase the frequency of contact with others, relieve loneliness, and make us feel that life needed to feel useful .

But the selfish and contrary people who apparently also had a positive impact. Previous studies suggest that the person who sacrificed his time to care for family members were less healthy both emotionally and physically.

" There can be a fine line between a volunteer who can bring positive benefits for life satisfaction by spending too much time to become a commitment ," says the researcher.

The research team noted , if the activities of altruism a corner because he had to , over time, will be a source of stress.


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