Amid the limited education of reproductive health , the low prices of technology and easy access to information, the tendency of parents to educate adolescents have not changed much . Reproductive health is still taboo discussed in the family. As a result , teens get the wrong information .

Parents not after child development

"Parents become the most do not know the development of their children ," said Baby Jim Aditya , humanitarian workers with HIV / AIDS , sexuality and drugs in the socialization program of focus group discussions for the population and family planning through the media, on Thursday (21 /2) , in Jakarta.

Baby experience in providing reproductive health education in schools , public schools and faith , revealed that many teens do not know the ins and outs of reproductive health . Some young women are unaware of the reproductive organs and their functions. Many of them do not understand the risk of sexual acts.

Meanwhile, many young men receive information on reproductive health are wrong. The cause , they are porn video reference can be obtained easily. There is also a 16-year- olds who have had sex with seven different girls, but does not understand about HIV.

When things that are considered shameful , the child has been subjected to the parents of anger. "In fact , parents do not teach reproductive health to their children because they do not know about the reproductive health ," said Baby .

Reproductive health education is not taught free sex , but to teach respect for the equality and trading declined an invitation to have sex . Ignorance of reproductive health , adolescent and parent , triggering early marriage.

Doctors Hernalom Gultom reproductive health adviser said , many early marriages performed by religious or economic reasons , but rather than adultery . Sometimes parents driving.

" High due to early marriage of adolescent reproductive organs risk are not ready," he said. This could increase the incidence of maternal mortality, child growth due to annoy parents are not ready to be a parent , extend the fertile period of women can lead to a population explosion .


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