Health and longevity secrets Hawaiian people

Be healthy and long life expectancy would be almost everyone . It is , among others, can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle and a minimum of stress. We can follow the example of the people of Hawaii.

Not only the people of Hawaii are known for durability , they also have less stress and happier than those who live in other parts of the globe . According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ), the average Hawaii to live 81.2 years . While most U.S. states, such as Mississippi , only 75.6 years .

So what is the secret of longevity and happy people Hawaii? Here are the things that are owned by the people of Hawaii that we can taste .

- Lots of laughs and tells
Only a third of Hawaii residents who claimed emphasis on certain days that Hawaii became a minimum level of state compulsion . They key to not stress comes from their ability to spend time with family and friends. No matter how busy they always try to take time to laugh and tell stories .

- The sun and fresh air
Hawaii has beaches and a touch of sun is pretty intense. Sunlight known to be beneficial to health because it is a source of vitamin D naturally. The people of Hawaii are also used to spend their time outside so that more frequent exposure to the sun.

- Fresh food and exercise
Hawaiian people tend to eat better and exercise diligently . Food Hawaii is dominated by fresh fish , whole grains, vegetables and fruits that help prevent disease. Power they also tend to reduce the salt content . And more than 60 percent exercise regularly Hawaii.

- Think positive and optimistic
According to data from Gallup , the Hawaii more optimistic and enthusiastic. A study shows , people who have a positive life tend to be in better health and a long life. The Harvard researcher also found that happiness improve immune system function and reduce the risk of heart disease.

- Good health services
Hawaii is one of the states with good health care. People who work more than 20 hours per week provided adequate health care that makes a relatively healthy body.

- Strong social ties
Despite jobs and financial liabilities, are very well known in Hawaii set up a time to enjoy with family or friends so they never feel alone. This is what makes you stress levels , happiness and longevity.


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