If you have a habit of skin peeling the fruit before eating apples, you'll want to stop the habit. Because of the way to get of the most optimal nutrition is to eat apples with the skin.

benefits of eating apples with skin

According Tanya Zucketbrot, certified dietitian from New York, it is unfortunate to removing skin before eating apples. The reason, many beneficial nutrients contained in the outermost layer of the apples. Include the following.

benefits of eating apples with skin

1. vitamin
Apple peel containing vitamin A which improve vision and cell growth. Besides apple skin also contains vitamin C which supports a strong immune system and increases the production of collagen for healthy skin. Not only that, the high content of vitamin K which helps blood clot to her also. The content of folic also beneficial to the formation of new cells.

2. mineral
According to the study from the University of Illinois, apple skin is a source of minerals essential for the body, such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus is an essential mineral for strong the bones and teeth. While potassium is needed for healthy cells of the body, heart, and digestive system.

3. fiber
Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fiber as well, and about two-thirds of the fiber in apples is in the skin. Fiber has a function very much for the health, ranging from lower cholesterol, improve digestive health, to help control weight. The average medium-sized apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber, and will be reduced when not eaten with the skin.

benefits of eating apples with skin

4. antioxidants
Apple skins had a phytochemical compounds like a flavonoids and phenolic acids that help the body fight free radicals. Free radicals are known to damage cells and cause disease. Eat apples with the skin also gives you the benefit of triterpenoids that help fight cancer, such as liver cancer, colon, and breast.

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