Learning Children's Music promotes brain development

Many ways to optimize brain development of children, one of which is to learn the music before the 7-year- old son .

Recent research published in the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that children who learn music at an early age tend to have a white area in the brain called the corpus or more bodies.

Corpus callosum is actually made up of nerve fibers and is responsible for providing the connection between the motor area on the left side of the brain on the right side .

" Laboratory studies show playing music at an early age or before the age of 7 have superior skills in the development of auditory and visual sensorimotor synchronization ," said researchers from Canada .

For the study, a team of trained experts tested 36 musicians and divided into two groups. The first group are those who play music before the age of seven years and the second group performed after the age of 7 .

Participants also completed kuesinoer details on how many years they have practiced the music and the time spent playing music. The scientists then tested the ability of synchronization.

Learning Children's Music promotes brain development

In the first group found accurate results when performing experiments . Areas of the brain they also mengindikan the broader corpus callosum.

"Learning a musical instrument requires coordination between hand and visual or hearing. Practice at an early age will increase the maturation of the connection between the motor and sensory areas of the brain , "said Virginia Penhune , which conducted the study .

However, do not expect that your child will instantly smart as Einstein had he studied piano before running smoothly. It must be understood, is a musician who learned early that have more specific brain areas and specific skills. But that does not mean they are a better musician .

"The ability to make music is not only skills , but also communication , enthusiasm , style, and other factors that we do not measure . Thus, despite the practice since the beginning memmpercepat help but they are not as engineering means, " he said .

Learning Children's Music promotes brain development

Although there are many benefits of the practice of children's music , among other things, reduce pain, help them feel relaxed, even making a deep sleep.


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