simple manner , Prevent insomnia with routine sports

I wish you a good night , try to exercise regularly. A new survey has found that people who exercise regularly so light , slept well that those who did not exercise .

Among those who say they do light exercise , moderate or severe during the week as much as 56-67 per cent said they could sleep well almost every night during the week. For those who do not exercise , only 39 percent of them are reported to sleep soundly .

People who exercise are less likely to suffer from sleep disorders compared to those who do not. Only 8 percent of people who have worked hard to say with sleep disorders, compared to 24 percent of people who do not exercise .

The survey of 1,000 adults aged 23-60 years. More than 50 percent of participants light exercise routine , 25 percent of moderate exercise , vigorous exercise 18 percent and 9 percent do not exercise.

Moderate exercise such as walking , moderate exercise such as weight lifting and yoga, and exercise that is long-distance running , swimming and cycling. Participants were grouped according to their activities for at least 10 minutes each day.

Sleep psychologist Jewish national health Denver Liza Meltzer who was not involved in the investigation said the survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation supports the traditional rules of sleep active people sleep more soundly .

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that this investigation has found a relationship that can not prove that exercise can actually help people to sleep . There is a possibility of people who do not sleep well too tired to exercise .

Meltzer says there are several benefits that can be taken in sport in order to get better sleep , among other things :
- Regular exercise makes bedtime and wake up to go to it regularly refers to a better quality of sleep.

- Exercise can lose weight, so that the treatment and prevention of sleep apnea , which is cessation of breathing during sleep , which is most often in people who are obese.


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