ove hormone also affects social relations

The hormone oxytocin , also known as the " love hormone " has been known to play an important role in building and maintaining parent - child antarpasangan or loving relationships. But apparently , this hormone has a more important role that ' we previously thought .

A new study published in the journal Nature found that the hormone oxytocin affects social interaction that can be used to better determine the social evolution of man . In addition, the researchers say, these hormones also have important implications for neurological disorders such as autism .

At the beginning of the study , researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have measured the levels of the hormone oxytocin is only to determine the level of trust between two people. Then they conduct clinical trials in children with autism.

Autism is a known neurological disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction . Therefore , clinical trials in children with autism show the relationship between the levels of the hormone oxytocin and difficult to trust someone.

The researchers also found that levels of the hormone oxytocin in autistic children is generally low. This is what triggered their difficulty to communicate and build trust with others.

Next, the researchers also conducted experiments on mice to determine how oxytocin works in the brain. Known , particularly oxytocin works in the brain that is important in that respect.

"People with autism do not have respect for the feelings of others as normal people . Therefore , interaction with others is painful for them , "said the first researcher Dr. Robert Malenka , professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Malenka and his team say the study was to provide evidence to conclude that the effect of oxytocin in autistic children to develop new treatments.

ove hormone also affects social relations

Researchers using mice as test animals because of the similarity with the structure of the human brain. However, they also recognize the results of tests on mice often fail when applied to humans.


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