11 steps to improve sperm quality

The quality of a man's fertility also determine the expectations and opportunities have offspring . A man's fertility is determined by various factors, including the quality of sperm .

According to experts , Andrology and Sexology , Prof Dr Wimpie Pangkahila , Spand , FAAC , in order to fertilize the egg , sperm quality much needed . Considerable amounts not only guarantee because there is often little or sterile sperm.

Normal sperm , according Wimpie , the naked eye can be evaluated from several things. " Light gray color, aroma (such as acacia flowers ) , a volume of about 2-4 ml . Newly issued when looked blob , which is a few minutes to melt, " he said in a response from consultation on the Reuters Health channel.

However, to determine the quality and quantity, it is normal or not, require microscopic examination . " From there , it can be concluded if the normal or abnormal fertility," he added .

To improve the quality of fertility, a man is usually recommended to take certain medications or undergo specialized doctor recommended treatments.

However, there are also natural ways you can try to increase the chances of a child. Some of these steps can help improve the quality of Fertility:

1 . Relieve your stress.
Although doctors do not know why this excessive stress can reduce sperm count , relaxation techniques practical constraints such as biofeedback or progressive muscle relaxation may be all good. Keep your passion peaked . Men who are very sexually aroused while emitting cement copulate more and produce stronger sperm. Try to keep your yard or at least preliminary lasts 20 minutes.

2 . Add your vitamin C intake .
Deficiency of vitamin C can cause sperm agglutination , and the case has reached 16 percent of all infertile men . And some studies have shown that supplements of vitamin C every day, it increases fertility in male smokers . Vitamin C is an antioxidant that makes cell membranes become unstable and it is good for sperm. Fruits like oranges, mangoes, watermelons, strawberries and vegetables such as broccoli , tomatoes and sprouts are rich in vitamin C.

3 . Set a schedule .
Avoid sex for two to five days before your spouse will be expected to ovulate . This will increase the number of sperm , and the percentage of healthy sperm you send may be higher .

4 . Do not exercise too .
People who exercise excessively may reduce their sperm count due to rising temperatures around the testicles during high stress activities . In a U.S. study, researchers found that runners who trained more than 90 miles a week have a sperm count and sperm are less mature than men ran less than 50 miles per week. However , the proportion of moderate aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming fast , three times a week , each for 20 minutes, it will not affect sperm production

5. Wear boxer .
Although it is not as effective as we think by some, replaced by a pair of tight pants or boxer shorts can increase your sperm count , testicular article , you will be much cooler.

6 . Lower the weight of several kilograms.
If you are overweight, losing a few pounds can improve your fertility. If you are overweight , fat tissue can wrap your testicles , raising the temperature there and kill sperm in the

7 . Lower the temperature of sauna bath .
Sitting in a sauna or a hot water bath, or simply hot water bath at a temperature of more than peratur body for prolonged periods can decrease sperm production . Do not spend more than 15 minutes per day in the hot tub, sauna and Uahakan so that the temperature is not more than 36.5 degrees Celsius.

8 . Pay attention to your antibiotics drinks.
Although antibiotics role bcgitu infertility, there are several types of evidence about the quality of semen by decreasing sperm count and sperm movement agility, or the ability to sperm "swim" . Membership in this group is a nitrofuran , nitrofurazone for example , and macrolides such as erythromycin .

9 . Keep your lubricants.
Jelly or other lubricant materials can have intercourse more smoothly, but this material can reduce sperm agility , not to mention if it contains a spermicide.

10 . Quit smoking.
If you smoke, your chances of becoming a father to fly with cigarette smoke . Smoking appears to have links with the slow and low sperm count and in addition , the study found that 64 percent of the increase in miscarriages when both partners smoke or even if only men who smoke. Limit alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the sperm count.

11 . Avoid nakoba .
The use of marijuana and other illicit drugs on the long-term result of a decrease in sperm count and the normal structure of sperm development.

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