Who does not know Frank Zane ? Mr. Holder 3 times. Mr. Olympia is also a winner. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World , which is known for having one of the most beautiful muscular body in the history of bodybuilding. What type of plan ?

Frank Zane was a pilot and highlight the beauty or aesthetic muscle mass rather than muscle bodybuilder . So his muscles it is very aesthetic Mr. Olympia which has the second smallest size in the world after Sergio Oliva.

Zane also has a very wide shoulder so it looks like the letter V (V- cone) coveted worldwide bodybuilders.

With a height of 175 cm and the weight is only between 85 and 88.5 kg, it succeeds in seizing Mr. Olympia three times making it one of the few winners Mr. Olympia body weight in below 200 kg !

Zane is also one of only 3 bodybuilding athletes throughout the world who managed to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding championship .

Diet Ala Frank Zane

In fact, that Frank Zane on the diet? The following is a statement.

"Without a good diet, I would not be able to reach an optimal state my muscles. Many years of diet trial has made me put on Daily Guide food consumption like that. "

" One gram of protein per pound (half kiligram ) weight , a third more carbohydrates than protein, 25 percent of my total caloric intake from fat were divided equally between saturated, unsaturated and mono -unsaturated units and my calorie intake ranged from 10 to 15 calories per pound of body weight. "

" My goal is to scrape the fat reserves , but still have enough energy to train hard . Weighing 180 pounds (81.5 kg) and 5'9 ? (175 cm) , daily protein intake was 180 grams , 240 grams of carbohydrates , and if 25% of my calories come from fat , so my total calorie intake is 2240 ( 13 calories per pound of body weight). "

" To burn fat more quickly, reducing my carbohydrate intake to less than a third of the protein for a few days, then return to normal during the day to increase glycogen stores . If you do not get enough carbohydrates, you will not be able nge - pump during exercise the body will use protein as an energy source so that your muscles stop growing ( atrophy) . " .

"When an optimal diet for my condition, intake of fats and carbohydrates most consumed at breakfast and reduced ahead next time I burn energy. Most of my meals at noon . "

Frank Zane Daily Diet Menu

Here Frank Zane daily power peak conditions :

- Breakfast
3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites with 4 half- eaten ripe wheat biscuits ( crackers ) , a cup of coffee, and supplements.

- At noon
Amino supplement and pieces of fruit and a half.

- Lunch
Much of the chicken salad 12 oz and 3 ounces of low-fat cheese , Diet Snapple (a kind of fruit juices and drinks tea without sugar) , and supplements.

- Late in the afternoon
Amino supplement and pieces of fruit and a half.

- Dinner
12 ounces of fish or red meat and steamed without fat low in carbohydrates ( without bread, potatoes or rice) , herbal supplements and vegetables.

- Before going to bed
6 mg of melatonin supplementation and fruit pieces in half.

Note: " If I still need more carbs , I would make a sandwich instead of a salad for lunch . "

Good luck and aesthetic body build muscle.


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