Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in many parts of the world. The main risk factors are high blood pressure (hypertension) , high cholesterol, obesity , diabetes, smoking and strong family history .

In fact, the disease is more worrying because it can occur without symptoms ! And once reached , which means that there has been damage , and even death of heart cells is permanent. In recent years , cardiac function decreases heart failure.

Blood pressure and cholesterol checks compulsory from the age of 20

If heart disease is very dangerous, what can we do? Perhaps you 've heard these tips diet and exercise to keep the heart healthy. However, a healthy lifestyle is not enough. We all need screening or health checks .

The term refers to medical screening examination for (feeling ) healthy in order to detect the disease have no symptoms (asymptomatic ) . Based on this examination, doctors may request early treatment or prevention for at-risk students . For example, we need to regularly check blood pressure because hypertension is largely asymptomatic. If you wait until symptoms appear , hypertension may have damaged the various organs of the body. So it is with cholesterol . Without laboratory tests , are you sure you have normal cholesterol ?

Whereas the risk factors for heart disease are cumulative and progressive , testing should ideally be done as soon as possible . Consensus within the American Heart Association ( AHA) , someone recommended to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol for 20 years.

Check blood pressure at least once a year while the normal

Hypertension has been shown to play a role in the risk of heart disease. The risk increases when the voltage is consistently above 140/90 mmHg. Therefore, ideally someone to regularly check your blood pressure at least once a year if normal . This review is convenient and easy to do.

For those who are young, with a diagnosis of hypertension can not be all measurements. The tension is a parameter that is dynamic and the body is influenced by external factors , such as fatigue or emotions . In fact, the measurement of blood pressure at home (on their own ) and clinical ( health workers ) could have been a different outcome. It is called white coat hypertension . It took some time to be sure that doctors review diagnosis of hypertension . Therefore, make sure that you are in a state of relaxation, quiet, no fatigue, as well as getting enough sleep and eat before taking the exam.

Some people may feel pressure from a young age. Keep in mind , hypertension does not occur solely due to factors of lifestyle and diet. There are some causes of hypertension, including rare diseases that can occur in children . And for now , the question is, have you seen ?

Check the cholesterol profile

So it is with cholesterol . You should have an increase in cholesterol levels of control. Consensus AHA also recommends cholesterol screening from the age of 20 . However, do not worry, if the results are normal , the examination should be repeated every 5 years . Check- ups are usually required for you over the age of 45 years (men ) or 50 years (women ) , or if the results showed above the reference limit values ??, or s' they have other risk factors for heart disease.

The accumulation of cholesterol substances with free radicals in the blood vessels actually been going on since the beginning of the age, even from the age of 10 . The accumulation of these materials will form a plate called aterom , a precursor of the causes of coronary heart disease. Therefore , the levels of cholesterol screening for youth to be very important.

Mainly to be considered is cholesterol, total high-density lipoprotein (HDL or "good" cholesterol ) , low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad" cholesterol ) and triglycerides . Each parameter has its own significance in the management of treatment later .

Other cardiac risk screening

Screening programs , or can be called to force health care should also include weight loss and abdominal circumference . According to the recommendations of the AHA , since the age of 20, you need to think about body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference when the excess. Both have a correlation with the incidence of heart disease later in life.

Especially for abdominal circumference , the amount of fat in the abdomen is a risk of heart disease than fat in other parts of the body. For Asians , abdominal circumference ideally less than 90 cm (men ) or 80 cm (women ) . Measures were taken just below the navel, performed in a sitting position and exhaling ( expiration) maximum .

Other risk factors, such as levels of blood sugar should be checked regularly after the age of 45 stomping . Ideally checked every 3 years if the results are normal. Another effort , which also rarely affected , consult a physician to stop smoking .

If you still think 20 years is a " common age " , not the case for heart disease and blood vessels . Indeed , the current trend shows the number of heart patients who are young.

It is time to move on and consider yourself mentally indifferent " healthy " without check-up . But it is worth taking a little time and gocek for check-up just to see a doctor. When caring for the health we will , if not at a young age ?

Greetings healthy for all of us !


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