Brazilian scientists would soon begin clinical trials of a vaccine against dengue fever in humans. This is the second phase of testing the efficacy of the vaccine.

Brazil Soon Dengue Vaccine clinical trials in humans
Brazil Soon Dengue Vaccine clinical trials in humans

" The vaccine has been developed to fight against the four strains of dengue virus have been identified from the whole world, " the statement by the Butantan , a biomedical research institute leading based in Sao Paulo, Brazil , on Thursday ( 26/09/2013 ) .

Brazil is the country with the most cases of dengue fever by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes . Work on the vaccine began in 2005 , the Butantan cooperation with the National Institute of Health (NIH ) USA .

According to a press Butantan the vaccine in the first phase have been tested on animals and humans in the United States. According to them, the results showed a good immune response .

While the second phase of the trial , clinical trials in Brazil is scheduled to begin in October 2013 with 300 volunteers. All volunteers were healthy adults aged 18 to 59 good men and women .

Monitoring of clinical trials will be conducted for five years. Butantan said is expected that the vaccine is ready for mass production in 2018, when a clinical trial shows good results in the first step.

" This next step is very important because it will be adapted to the specificities of the Brazilian population , " said director Jorge Kalil Butantan .

State Health Secretary Brazil Giovanni Guido Cerri said, the production of vaccines against dengue is a major breakthrough for the world of health and society .

"We made a big step towards the production of a safe, effective and inexpensive that can be incorporated into the national immunization program and to meet the entire demand in Brazil " vaccine , said Cerri .

Dengue per year is estimated to infect between 50 and 100 million people in tropical and subtropical regions, including Indonesia. Dengue virus causes the sufferer to experience fever , muscle and joint pain, and can be fatal form of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF ) and dengue shock syndrome of dengue which can lead to death.

Researchers estimate that nearly three billion people worldwide live in areas prone to dengue infection and 20 million tourists visited the region. Butantan is a Brazilian manufacturer of anti- venom serum and vaccine foreground, with a long tradition of research on snakes and poisonous animals .


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