Cancer prevention to maintain dental and oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is important not only to prevent cavities , but also can prevent cancer.

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer and oropharyngeal cancers (head and neck). The risk of head and neck cancer can be reduced with greater attention to oral hygiene .

" A lot of oropharyngeal cancers are caused by HPV , so we try to find the missing link between the lack of oral hygiene care and HPV infection ," said Christine Markham , researchers from the University of Texas Center research on prevention.

From the suspicion that the condition of the teeth and mouth clean is not easy to get infected with the HPV virus, Markham and his team collected data from 3,439 people with infections person HPV following the U.S. national health survey .

The study participants were asked to rate their oral hygiene on a small scale very well. Then they were asked how many times put mouthwash last week and they suffer from gum disease. In general, people who lack dental hygiene and mouth or a history of gum disease had a risk 50 percent higher for HPV infection compared to the state of your teeth and mouth with own .

The link between oral hygiene and HPV infection are consistent well as other risk factors into account , such as having multiple oral sex partners. The condition of the teeth and mouth are less hygienic should make it easier HPV virus enters the body .

"Someone could have been exposed to HPV through oral sex , but the virus is still in need of the door to enter the body. If conditions are bad mouth someone, for example had an injury or inflammation of the gums , it can be the entry point for the virus, " he said .

Markham concluded that the maintenance of oral health is essential to prevent HPV infection , especially those in contact with the virus.

Oral hygiene is not sufficiently maintained only by brushing. If the composition of uneven teeth , it is recommended to clean the remaining dirt with dental floss . Consult your teeth twice a year to the dentist so that all teething problems can be addressed as soon as possible.

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