"Danger " Knowing infections transmission 4 Source

To stay safe and avoid infections, we certainly need to try to stay away from the source of the infection. But the source of transmission of the infection does not always come from objects that appear dirty .

Even the source of infection could come from objects that are very close to our daily activity. Therefore , we examine the source of transmission of infection, and how to avoid them.

1 . mobile phone

Now almost everyone can not live without a cell phone . In fact , one thing that could threaten the health risk of infection by Staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin (MRSA) . The bacteria are resistant to almost all antibiotics and deadly entry into the bloodstream over time.

Although MRSA is often found in hospitals, but one study suggests that it is also a large number of bacteria on the cell phone. The researchers tested 25 mobile phones and 20 percent of MRSA positive.

Charles Gerba , president of the study and author of " The Germ thwart Greak Guide to Cold and Flu ' to say almost everyone never to clean his cell phone , but there are a lot of bacteria , especially in and mouth parts . This is because each type of keys , fingers, we can offer bacteria on the phone, as well as our mouths.

Therefore, Gerba recommends that owners of mobile phones have always wipe the phone with disinfectant once a week . According to him , wiped the phone is able to clean without damaging the device.

2 . Shower trays

Object that is used to cleanse the body , it is also a means of infection can Methylobacter and Sphingomonas . Norman Pace, professor of molecular biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder bacterial perform calculations on five plastic shower curtains and bath millions of microbes found in every square meter. As much as 80 percent of them are Methylobacter and Sphingomonas bacterial species .

According to Pace, shower bath is a hot and humid place , suitable for breeding bacteria . However, we can prevent infection by shortening showers and closed tightly after each bath curtains. Do not use plastic shower curtains bath can also be an option to avoid sources of infection transmission .

3 . aircraft

Threat of Norovirus in the air. Aircraft were infected with norovirus , especially with the long flight times are subject to be a means of transmission . In a flight from London to Philadelphia, there were nine hundred norovirus infected passengers . Moreover, in a journey that takes 18 to 60 hours , more than half the crew had diarrhea or vomiting.

Dr. Mark Gendreau said, norovirus can spread in a relatively short time. For example, a flight that lasts for a long time has the potential as a means penginfeksi .

To avoid this, make sure the utensils are clean. In addition, drink with a straw, always wash hands before eating .

4 . room

Chlamydia trachomatis is a threat in the room. Chlamydia is a bacterial cause of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that cause the symptoms of whitish to infertility.

Women can be infected with these microbes , even without showing any symptoms . While infected men at risk of developing bacterial infections of the chain of the bladder, said Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield , a professor of medicine at the University of Washington Center for AIDS and STDs.

So make sure you do not have multiple partners and tools related mamakai protection such as condoms. Does it also checks to make sure your Chlamydia infected.

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