For the treatment of hepatitis C is with drugs that are very expensive. Meanwhile , the trend of returning to nature is becoming more prevalent making the pharmaceutical industry began to use innovation as a herbal treatment for this disease.

"By using herbs, is also expected price of the drug can be reduced ," said the Executive Director Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences ( DLBS ) PT Dexa Medica Raymond R. Tjandrawinata DLBS after the opening ceremony on Tuesday (20 / 08 /2013 ) in Cikarang .

Raymond said , some bioactive fractions of the plant crown god ( Phaleria macrocarpa ) can be a powerful medicine against hepatitis C . Currently, the drug was developed by researchers at DLBS .

Hepatitis C is a disease of inflammation caused by infection with the hepatitis C virus ( HCV), liver cells. Hepatitis C is included in the group of chronic diseases, but can be cured with treatment.

Raymond explains some bioactive fraction of the crown of God has the ability to prevent fibrosis caused by HCV . Preventing fibrosis , the fraction is also able to prevent liver inflammation .

According to Raymond , the principles of modern pharmacology, herbal ingredients can be used as a drug with effects that rival even better than synthetic drugs ( chemicals ) . "With the rise fractionation process , it is possible to just take the active substance from a natural material that is no less effective than synthetic drugs ," he said .

Herbal medicine, he added , has a rank according to the method that has been passed . When immediately after the extraction process is simple, it is still classified as medicinal plants. In addition, after crossing the preclinical trials , the category has grown to medicine based on standardized plants, and if it passes clinical trials, herbal medicine called fitofarmaka .

" We develop herbal ingredients , including the crown of the gods, to go up fitofarmaka ," said Raymond .

The use of herbs as raw materials , according to Raymond, it is possible to reduce production costs in relation to drug use of chemical raw materials imported . This is what makes the sale price was much cheaper .

" For some medicines, drug prices herbal than 10 percent of the price of chemical drugs. Though the quality is the same," he said .


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