Do you know? Do not wait Haus minute Drink

Wear it is a sign of lack of body fluids so that it can be a reminder to drink. But in fact, drinking should be done even before the body feels tired .

Physiologist at the University of Arkansas Dr. Stavros Kavouras say , wear a harbinger beginning of the body to become dehydrated . Wear occurs when the body begins to lose 1-3 percent by weight of water in the body decline .

" Mild dehydration can lead to lower already . So do not wait until the body is dehydrated to drink ," he says in Inagurasi and hydration Indonesian Press Conference Working Group ( IHWG ) concentrations.

Water, he said , is a macro nutritional needs in large quantities. For healthy adults , the needs can reach 2000-2500 ml of water per day.

Nutrition experts from the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia ( FKUI ) Dr. Inge Permadhi , Sp.GK say , the amount of water needs can be met by drinking water or eating foods that contain water.

"Usually we can with enough drinking water 1500-1800 ml and 500 to 800 mL of food," he said this IHWG Public Relations.

Inge suggested to achieve the total water needs , a person must drink water every hour . Each through urine or sweat , should be immediately replaced by another glass.

Meanwhile, the water can also be filled with other beverages such as tea, milk, juices, beverages or other flavors. Only by Inge , the beverage can "overload" the body as sugar.

" Sugary drinks really does help to hydrate the body . Yet it contains sugar can increase the daily consumption of sugar ," he said .

Excessive sugar consumption is known to play a role in increasing the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus or heart disease . This is because sugar is toxic and accelerate cellular aging. Then Ministry of Health recommends limiting sugar consumption does not exceed 2.5 tablespoons per day.

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