Do you know? Frozen food that looks better than fresh

Eating vegetables and frozen fruit is healthier than look. According to scientists , frozen vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants higher than products that have fresh air.

As we know , the supermarket sometimes squirting a fine mist , so fruits and vegetables appear fresher. When in fact , some vegetables and fruits have long been in a storage shed . During storage , a decomposition process that can reduce the levels of nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

The two teams that conducted the study from Leatherhead Food Research and the University of Chester. Researcher uses 40 tests to measure nutrient levels in search of fruits and vegetables. Tested foods were stored in the refrigerator and freezer for 3 days.

Research shows that eating fruits and vegetables is always the best option. But apparently , frozen fruits and vegetables offer the freshest quality food , rather than stored in the refrigerator so it just looks cool . A study reveals that more beneficial nutrients from broccoli, carrots and blueberries are frozen.

Frozen broccoli contains vitamin C and higher lutein. Frozen broccoli also contains four times more beta -carotene. While frozen carrots contain three times more lutein , beta- carotene is two times larger, and more vitamin C and polyphenols. Frozen cabbage also provide better results in the measurement of all the nutrients, rather than products that have fresh air.

Researchers at Leatherhead Food Research , Dr Rachel Burch said the research findings refute the thesis seems fresh food better than frozen food .

" Frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than just looks cool . Dominant opinion was that while these should be removed ," said Burch.

Freezing process is done immediately after harvest is considered the main cause. The process of maintaining the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables until finally consumed.

This condition is the opposite of vegetables and fruits that just looks cool . " It's like being frozen , the concentration of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables that are fresh air decreased during storage in the refrigerator below the frozen product. Effect is very visible in the soft fruit " said Professor Graham Bonwick at the University of Chester.

This research suggests a more streamlined process to prevent the freezing of post-harvest nutrient loss fruits and vegetables . Before getting into the hands of consumers , vegetables and fruits can spend a month in storage, ranging from producers, agents for the seller. During the storage period, the decay is a major problem that can reduce KADAT nutrients in fruits and vegetables .

" We need a faster method and the actual start of the harvest rate of freezing . D ' determines the amount of nutrients that are lost," said the director general of the British Frozen Food Association , Brian Young.

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