Do you know? healthier food store in cold temperatures

Daily diet needs proper storage to avoid the danger of germs. The storage area will determine the quality of the food.

To maintain the quality of food , the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) has appealed to the United States linked to the appropriate storage location . FDA says food storage is better in cold weather. Cold temperatures will prevent and slow the growth of bacteria.

If you want health family awake , you must enter immediately perishable foods in the refrigerator or freezer. Also, never put meat , poultry, seafood , eggs are at room temperature or 24 degrees Celsius equivalent.

If food that should go in the refrigerator to room temperature , make sure that no more than two hours. Limits food storage because it can be faster , just one hour, when the ambient temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius. This limit also applies to the space at the back door of the refrigerator , otherwise known as doggie bags .

When storing food , also make sure that the refrigerator or freezer is not full. The objective is to maintain the flow of air to go well . To adjust the refrigerator temperature should be less than four degrees Celsius. As for the freezer should always be less than 17 degrees Celsius.

Before the first note to save the storage instructions on food labels . Some products other than meat , vegetables, and dairy products must be stored at low temperatures. The FDA has indicated that , if the product is not stored in the refrigerator , it is best not to use the product.

When power is suddenly sure that the door of the refrigerator or freezer closed . Closing the refrigerator door to ensure that the food stays cold for four hours. While a sealed freezer maintain the cool temperature for about 48 hours .

People are also advised not to store food near where the dishes. Leaking pipes in danger OFIS Washup foods such as potatoes and onions. Food potatoes and onions should be stored in a cool , dry place.

Another place that should not be the storage space is close to cleaning chemicals or household . The FDA also urged the public not to hesitate to throw any product that looks and smells fishy .

For canned food must check the packaging to ensure the quality of the food. FDA warns public to be wary of food packaging is damaged.

Extended boxes, leaking , perforated, perforated , broken , rusty, difficult to open the normal or regular opener path should be exchanged. Put the food immediately in boxes that have expired , and asked for a new change.

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