Do you know? More Frozen Food Nutrition whole

Many people avoid the food is frozen , dried or canned foods with unhealthy reasons. Contrary to the belief of many people , even the frozen food has many advantages .

A study published in the Journal of Science and Agriculture found that fresh food is already losing many nutrients than frozen or canned foods.

For intact ideally nutrients we eat freshly picked fruit or vegetables. But in modern times , it is almost zero in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in urban areas in the yard .

Elizabeth Pivonka , a nutritionist and president of the Produce for Better Health Foundation reveals , there are many reasons to choose frozen or canned, as a cheaper and nutrients intact .

Freezing process of foods used effectively to reduce damage to the cell walls of the food. Clarence Birdseye , known as the inventor of the technique of freezing foods studied so-called technical Eskimos .

Benefits of frozen foods, among others , the process is carried out shortly after the meals are taken or freshly caught fish. Thus , only a few nutrients are lost .

Unlike the myths that many people believe , frozen or canned foods do not require preservatives. This is due to the technique, which is placed in an airtight container , allowing the preserved food

In addition Pivonka explain other types of conservation also maintains food nutrition , which is drying. "The advantage of freeze-dried food is nutritionally complete . Besides the color, texture and shape are not broken , " he said .

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