FRUGALITY WITH CARING "obstructive sleep apnea"

When he heard the complaints of snoring, most insurance companies in the world or directly consider this one cosmetic factor , until he saw as essential to the health and productivity . Just seem boring . But the reality is not so . Snoring is a major symptom of the disease was called obstructive sleep apnea ( OSA) .

An article by Bruce Sherman , MD to the editorial of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine provides perspective on costs, savings and benefits of the Company to fund its employees to undergo examination and treatment of OSA . Although most people in Indonesia are health care self-financing, the show to watch Bruce on the benefits and savings that can be achieved with the treatment of snoring doctors.

Obstructive sleep apnea

OSA has been known by many people suffered. Many studies found about 3 percent to 20 percent of the adult population in the United States suffer from this sleep. Unfortunately , 80 to 85 percent are not properly diagnosed , let alone treated . As a result , the number of people with hypertension , heart disease , diabetes, stroke, traffic accidents and work, as well as sudden death has also increased.

OSA is caused by a narrowing of the airway during sleep , so no air can pass . Silent, with the chest and abdomen up and down trying to catch his breath , but as choking buzzer , air can not flow in or out. Claustrophobic ! Then the body of the security of the system will wake up the brain while the snorer to breathe again . When he suddenly seemed to choke buzzer or loud noises .

People who snore sleep quality is always bad. The term hypersomnia , excessive sleepiness despite adequate sleep . From the perspective of the company , employees who snore appear as a person who easily tired , sleepy, sloppy and lazy. Sleepy OSA patients continue to need concentration of caffeine and nicotine to maintain. Dear all stimulants is only delaying sleep without refreshing the back of the brain . Mean? Low productivity.

Security is threatened. From low driving skills to follow fitness monitor or operate machinery. OSA sufferers also often experience traffic accidents .

Frugality with Caring " Obstructive Sleep Apnea "

OSA for chronic diseases related to health, such as hypertension , diabetes , depression and obesity. What costs are not all of them require a little for a long time .

The cost savings

In 2010 , a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed that treatment of OSA with companies actually save money. The researchers followed the drivers truck insurance claims. A total of 156 drivers with OSA were treated with CPAP , while 92 drivers diagnosed with OSA but refused treatment . The result can be saved health care costs by up to 41 percent on the driver with OSA who were treated .

Previous research in the journal CHEST in 2002 examined the medical records of 773 patients who had been diagnosed with snoring and sleep apnea compared to subjects who snore . They also see before the diagnosis of OSA , the patient is suffering from any disease. The results show that patients with OSA use more health than those who do not snore services. Before being diagnosed with OSA , most of these patients apparently went to the doctor because of the heart -vascular disease, especially hypertension.

And insurance companies find a way economically to health care for employees. No wonder companies in the United States today focuses on prevention rather than treatment. Treatment of snoring , OSA , including the prevention of chronic diseases.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment of OSA is a huge burden to be borne by the insurer or the company . Beginning of the examination bed , treatment with CPAP or surgery costs are not negligible . However, the cost proved to be a saving in the future.

U.S. companies are increasingly aware of health surveillance . Health expenditures for employees to highlight any treatment OSA as a top priority .

OSA treatments improve the productivity, safety and health.

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