The word "herbs" as collateral for a drug because it is natural that people tend to ignore the rules for the taking. In fact, herbal remedies are not necessarily safer , especially if it is not taken as directed .

" Medicinal plants also have rules that must be adhered to dose. Otherwise, it will cause a cons -indication . Principle such as medicinal chemistry ," said expert based plants Medicine Airlangga University School of Medicine Dr. . Arijanto Jonosewojo , SPPD in a press conference " Dilemmas doctors prescribe herbal medicines " by SOHO Group .

Herbal remedies are herbal ingredients that have gone through a process of capitalization and is used to treat certain diseases. In Indonesia, herbal medicines are divided into three types , namely, herbs, standardized herbal ( OHT ) and fitofarmaka .

Arijanto judge , herbal medicine is considered safe by most people because it is empirically proven to cure the disease without a precise dose , particularly for herbal remedies such as herbs , the utility will take care drinking at a certain time and depend on each individual.

Herbal medicine also there Dosage
Herbal medicine also there Dosage

" In fact, herbal remedies that have been used and doctor OHT existing fitofarmaka exact dose so that their use is not appropriate dose can be dangerous," he said .

Arijanto said, although generally proven empirically , there are also herbal remedies that are toxic . This occurs because the process of composition of medicines that are not in accordance with the previous compounding benefit that is owned by one of the herbal ingredients can become toxic .

"For example , a traditional herbal ingredient is usually boiled or brewed with water as the drug manufacturing process using methanol instead. Certainly give different effects, " he explained .

Medicinal plants, more Arijanto can also cause drug interactions with other medications. Drug interactions can give effect to neutralize or reinforce each dose. Both are equally unfavorable. Although it is not without risk, Arijanto see a huge potential for herbal medicines to be used as the basis of modern medicine . In fact , the market is likely to increase every year .

" Thus, it is essential to keep the focus on the rules of medication herbal " , he concluded .


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