Indonesia has more than 2,000 species of plants that have the potential natural treatment is not limited to prevention. Also minium tradition herbal maintained from generation to generation , and has proven its usefulness in empirical . However , the drug is still under further SEARCH herbs due to lack of evidence that could provide clinical efficacy of herbal .
Herbal medicine is still further
Herbal medicine is still further

This condition makes herbs more drugs are used as a supplement. Also not many doctors who prescribe , even empirical many herbs are effective drugs to treat the disease. Call it hypertension, gout , As metabolic syndrome or a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

SOHO Global Health Research said that more than 50 percent of physicians prescribe drugs once based plants . In fact , the World Health Organization (CSO ) estimates that four billion people , or 80 percent of the world population currently uses herbs as drugs for certain health care primer ASPECTS .

Prof. Nyoman Kertia , MD , PhD , researcher and expert Ginger Gajah Mada University ( UGM ) in Yogyakarta said , many herbs consumed as a preventative medicine. Herbal medicine is usually given as complementary, given away two jam chemical drugs. This is because the herbal drug efficacy is not as fast as chemical drugs .

ITU addition, he said , drug use is still limited Herbs also due to the lack of clinical evidence . Doctors usually prescribe medicines , including herbal , if the drug has been tested clinically in patients.

Prof. Nyoman deplore this condition. Because, according to him, the doctor may prescribe medicines based on actual research based herbal services.

"Doctors may prescribe a herbal based search service corridor. Thus, when the drug to herbal , doctors must also gathering patient. Empirical Evidence due to some herbs strong enough , but not clinically tested . Doctor can give patients , Origin does not come out of this kingdom, " he said on the sidelines of the opening of the Global Health Sanctuary SOHO Natural Wellness in Central Park.

According to him, herbal medicine in the form of herbal extracts such as respect Lawak , turmeric, ginger, empirical evidence , efficient effective as an anti -inflammatory, antimaag , increased appetite Eat, treat liver and kidney, increase the vitality of the body with high antioxidant , can also prevent cancer.

"If rutin taken twice a day with a dose of 30 mg of extracts for adults , especially the recovery Lawak herbal medicine has many benefits for the health of the body ," he explained .

Drug use herbs in the form of excerpts from more efficient absorption into the body that the particles are smaller. Although still low, the clinical data on efficacy proceed more slowly herbs. One of them , based on the results of the research center for research and development of medicinal plants and traditional medicine ( B2P2TOOT ) Tawangmangu .

Ir Yuli Widiastuti , Kes , director B2P2TOOT researcher, Department of Health, said the study in 2012 Tawangmangu show herbal concoction has equivalent efficacy to modern drugs, hypertension and gout.

" Rackan herbal based to produce positive results in patients in clinical medicine based on research Tawangmangu We provide herbs instead of syrupy concoction that extracts the key components provided by diagnostic Doctor Prescription .. " , she said .

The results of clinical trials in patients Tawangmangu in this area , according to Yuli , the industry can Olé action especially herbs, mix herbal pack that can be enjoyed utility olé more people .


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