HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccine Required Before Marriage

Couples getting married are advised to vaccinate human papilloma virus ( HPV ) and hepatitis B. Both of these vaccines will fortify yourself from hepatitis B and cervical cancer in women . " As much as possible should be injectable . Not only for yourself , protection is also given to the couple , " said PAPDI Adult Immunization Task Force , Dr. Dr. Iris Rengganis , Sp PD , K - AI , FINASIM , at a media briefing on Adult Immunization .

HPV diseases transmitted through sexual contact and infect the anal and genital area in men and women . Currently , there are 130 types of HPV that successfully identified the cause of malignancy -risk type 12 . Women aged 20 to 24 years and men aged 25 to 29 years the main target of HPV , especially for those who have more than one sexual partner and smoking .

HPV vaccine consists of quadrivalen for types 6 , 11 , 16 , 18 , and 16 and 18 for the bivalent . The vaccine is administered three times over six months with a second vaccine within one month to two months for the bivalent and quadrivalen .

While Hepatitis B is spread through blood transfusions , sexual relations , and the use of personal stuff together . The disease is caused by a virus and attacks the liver . Hepatitis B vaccine is given three times the distance of one and six months . The first two doses to form antibodies and the third to boost antibody levels .

Do not forget tetanus

In addition to HPV and hepatitis B vaccines , Iris also recalled the importance of tetanus vaccination . This type of vaccine to protect themselves from tetanii Clostridium bacteria , which enter through wounds . The germs spread through the bloodstream and cause seizures . " First do before marriage , and the second during the first trimester of pregnancy , " said task force member PAPDI Adult Immunization , Dr. Sakti Rambe Dirga , M Sc - VPCD . With two injections , the protection lasts for 10 years . Tetanus vaccine to protect couples from the possibility of contracting germs when having sex . The vaccine also protects women during childbirth . Tetanus vaccine actually has five series of injections , the time baby , elementary school age , women of childbearing age , before getting married , and during the first trimester . With five times the injection , the protection will last 25 years .

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