Michael Douglas cancer was caused Refuse oral sex

Actor Michael Douglas has denied ever saying they experienced throat cancer caused by oral sex.

Hollywood actor and her husband -Jones Catherine Zata this some time ago , saying he was suffering from throat cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and is transmitted when she perform oral sex on women.

The doctor then asked the words of Douglas . Because the tip of the aging actor retract.

Spokesman Michael Douglas , Allen Burry said Douglas never told HPV as a cause of cancer. Douglas only discuss what causes oral cancer.

Asked by a journalist from the British newspaper The Guardian, UK, Douglas said: " Without being too specific , such as cancer is usually caused by HPV oral" sex.

Dr. Michael Brady, medical director of the Terrence Higgins Trust sexual health , said that oral sex can cause cancer, but it is very difficult to determine the cause of a type of cancer.

Moreover, according to Brady , Douglas was a smoker and drinker, two other factors that contribute to the development of cancer of the throat.

Michael Douglas cancer was caused Refuse oral sex
Michael Douglas cancer was caused Refuse oral sex

Michael Douglas fight against cancer since August 2010 to January 2011 . At that time, he said smoking and drinking alcohol always dilakoninya can trigger cancer.

However, in a recent interview, the 68-year -old actor says his cancer is caused by HPV. Douglas also mentioned the stress they experienced at the thought of her eldest son behavior due to drugs in prison .

Brady explained that there are thousands of types of HPV virus and in most cases harmless. This triggers the risk of virus throat cancer too small.

Last year , Cancer Research UK said there was an increase in cases of cancer of the mouth and throat related to fellatio . WHO also suggested HPV may pay five percent of cancer in the world.

HPV can be transmitted between men and women through genital contact , especially through vaginal and anal sex. The virus can also be transmitted through oral sex and contact antargenital .

Douglas didiangosis stage four throat cancer and underwent intensive treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This time, the doctor said that the cancer has been stripped of his body, but it was necessary to carry out checks every 6 months .

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