Oral Sex hooked , Michael Douglas Got Cancer ?

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas ( 68 years) once again steal the show . Additions related confession quite tickled the ears of the throat cancer he suffered . Yes , in an interview with The Guardian on Monday , the husband of actress Catherine Zeta - Jones said the cause of the disease could be due to a virus that is transmitted as often perform oral sex to a woman ( cunnilingus ) .

He even dismissed if it is caused due to his habit of smoking while hooked too young to drink alcohol . " No ( because it - ed) , " Douglas denied . " Certain cancers can be caused by HPV ( human papillomavirus ) , which actually comes from about cunnilingus , " he explained .

" And if you have a ( disease ) it , cunnilingus is also the best remedy for it , " said Douglas . As reported , Douglas sentenced to suffer disease stage IV throat cancer after being diagnosed in 2010 . He announced that in the event the David Letterman show . What Douglas was pronounced cancer -related cause of it , getting a response from a doctor who was also quoted by The Guardian . Evaluate the doctor Douglas statements not supported by scientific facts , even sounding joke .

Movie star of Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct has been declared cancer-free for more than two years after receiving extensive chemotherapy and had returned to acting .

Oral Sex hooked , Michael Douglas Got Cancer
Oral Sex hooked , Michael Douglas Got Cancer ?

Is the latest film Behind The Candelabra , where he appeared with actor Matt Damon . In the film , Douglas played the role of a pianist who weave lover with his assistant , played by Damon .

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