Peanut Butter prevent cancer?

Food is one of the important factors that determine the risk of disease from one person . A new study has revealed that eating peanut butter since adolescence may reduce the risk of breast tumors in adulthood .

Breast tumors are non -cancerous lumps in the breast tissue. However , experts agree that breast tumors is one of the factors of breast cancer risk.

Peanut Butter prevent cancer
Peanut Butter prevent cancer?

In a study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment , researchers involved 9,000 women aged 9 to 15 years . Participants followed their progress 1996-2010 , when they became young adult women .

The researchers found that participants who regularly ate peanut butter had a risk 39 percent lower to develop mammary tumors .

Dr. Graham Colditz, principal investigator and director of the Prevention and Control at the Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine cancer , said that the results of this study gives new hope to help prevent breast cancer .

Breast tumors , said Colditz, fairly common and is a risk factor for breast cancer. Before menopause , nearly one in four women experience breast tumor which was confirmed by biopsy .

"This is clearly a strong correlation between the tumor and the risk of breast cancer. Tumors may increase the risk of breast cancer by a third ," he said .

The researchers studied participants in the study long enough period of time. In addition to measuring the risk of tumors, the researchers asked participants to fill out questionnaires about their daily diet.

The researchers also focus on protein and fat vegetables, including peanut butter, the skin of peanuts and other nuts and corn. According to them, the daily servings of these foods are associated with a reduced risk of 68 percent of breast tumors , and three servings per week associated with 39 risk.

However , the researchers say , the relationship between the consumption of these foods and the risk of breast tumors is not a relationship of cause and effect.

"The message that can be taken is better peanut butter dish chosen by young women as healthier than cookies ."

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