Steve Jobs is a survivor of pancreatic cancer , just like actor Patrick Swayze died from pancreatic cancer in September 2009. Here is a little about pancreatic cancer who quoted Sol Goldman, John Hopkins Medical Center and WebMD. This article is part of the book Fat Loss Weight Loss Diabetes notes , which will be published shortly. Diabetes is associated with the pancreas .

Another thing that attracted me was the opportunity to share because I learned marketing, so it is quite familiar figure of Steve Jobs but not Apple users . The health of Steve Jobs has become interesting observed , because the stock price of Apple's stock is influenced by the health rumors Steve .

For example, when Steve did not look good at the Macworld event in 2009 , Steve said he " was in a hormonal imbalance ." Then, when he announced that he would undergo treatment , the price of Apple's stock dropped . Whenever a rumor , whether true or false on the health of Steve, the share price will fall.

Steve Jobs was known to be suffering from pancreatic cancer . And what follows is an overview of pancreatic cancer.

The pancreas is a tube -shaped screw connection, of about 15 cm which is located to the rear of the abdomen. The main task for the human body adalh intestine produces an enzyme that helps break down food and produces insulin which is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in men and women, and is one of the deadliest cancers , also known in medical circles as the "silent killer" 38,000 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 34,000 of them die.

This cancer can be effectively managed if it is found at an early stage , but the problem with this cancer is difficult to diagnose in the early stages . In the early stages of cancer do not feel any symptoms. However, the magnitude of the growth of cancer , then it will feel pain in the upper abdomen that extends to the rear left .

The pain became when people affected by cancer eating or lying down. Another symptom is the alias of jaundice appears yellow . Ability to survive for 5 years is 25 percent if the cancer is inoperable and removed small and has not spread.

He who is most at risk of pancreatic cancer ? Factors that influence the incidence of pancreatic cancer :

1 . Heredity . If there are two or more relatives with pancreatic cancer.

2 . Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

3 . BRCA gene mutation

4 . Age over 50 years

5. Heavy smokers .

6 . diabetes

7 . Others, such as chronic liver disease , obesity, lack of exercise .

The first three factors mentioned above is that most can not be controlled. However, the fourth factor is that aging can not be controlled, because chronological age continues to grow. However, the age of the body can be restored. One way is to conduct a complete hormonal treatment.

The fifth factor , namely smoking is a factor that I give special attention. According to John Hopkins, smoking is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer , and as we all know, cigarette consumption in this country is enormous. Need attention for all the people of Indonesia, is due to smoking is more than just lung cancer .

Premature death caused by smoking had nothing to fear. Premature death means the loss of valuable talent required very expensive business , institution, organization in this country to move forward .

The sixth factor is diabetes. Patients with pancreatic cancer, 10-20 percent of people with diabetes . Diabetes is a risk factor that can be "managed" by a healthy lifestyle . Diabetes keywords is heredity and lifestyle. Heredity certainly can not be changed, but can always be changed lifestyle.

Several risk factors for diabetes is causing an overdose of sugar that lead to the exhaustion of the pancreas , and foods high in fat, especially trans fats contained in palm oil , and sold in various fast food . Consumption in both the "back up" by monosodium glutamate , aka MSG , which reinforces the feeling.

But if you want to explore a little, we need to think critically , which causes people to love food, which ultimately leads to diabetes.

One is stress (ideal for the state of Steve Jobs) , either in the form of job stress, the stress of the romantic relationship , financial stress. A solution is actually a solution to this stress, learn new healthy lifestyle . In other words, that needs to change is the mindset , demonstrated a new way, and gave examples of how to do it.

All companies , organizations, ionstansi should make healthy lifestyle change training mentality. Because if negligent , may affect the strength of the team as a whole, especially when the affected are in high positions such as executive Steve Jobs.

Either smoking or diabetes, to change their lifestyle , it takes more than just call. But the need for packaging . Because it takes is a change of mentality . Behavior change , which was announced , will not work without a change in mentality . The change means changing the state of subconscious mind which needs special techniques to do so. Not just a call. Should be the standard procedure. Part of the obligation.

If the organization still wants changes to improve performance, it is the strategy of corporate health time to be applied in the business competitive advantage. Change attitudes , change the behavior so that the evolution of the results . Thus, we can reduce the risk of premature loss of talented people like Apple's Steve Jobs lose.


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