Unique flavor of coffee "flavor"

Love the smell of coffee , espresso or mocha ? Recently, three variants of coffee aroma fragrance launched by Macmillan Cancer Support . The aroma of the three, there is a masculine scent for men, Macpresso .

City Dailly Mail, perfume flavor is present not only for commercial purposes . Macmillan Cancer Support would like to present for display in a fundraising event next week.

At a meeting of greater Morning coffee in the world , said that fans will be able to enjoy the aroma of the coffee specialty of this perfume , which is touted produced in limited edition limited alias .

At the inauguration of its launch, the coffee flavor was supported by Miss Scotland , Jennifer Reoch , who attended dressed in a bright red dress for a photo shoot . Some photos show Jennifer was having breakfast and fragrance packed attractive on a plate with a few grains of coffee beans.

Three variants of this perfume is named Coffeelicious , Macpresso and Mochamorning . Macpresso more masculine fragrance organizers and collecting special funds hope espresso lovers man or woman who wants to be able to couple this perfume targeting .

Unique flavor of coffee "flavor"
Unique flavor of coffee "flavor"

Macmillan hopes to raise funds for cancer treatment of the sale of perfumes is 15 million pounds. The target is a coffee lovers and coffee lovers .

Not only in the UK , the number of coffee drinkers in Scotland is also abundant , most of them never missed an infusion in the morning. They target there are about 100,000 people attending the fundraiser. If the same action in Jakarta , maybe even greater. Seeing the number of coffee is becoming more widespread, it is estimated that coffee drinkers also like perfume in Indonesia , the figures have not lost much .

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