"DANGER" More Infected Meningitis Risk

Meningitis or inflammatory diseases of the membranes that line the brain is not only vulnerable to attack pilgrims. Smokers are also at higher risk of developing the disease because smoking causes irritation to the nasopharynx so that germs breed more easily.

"DANGER" More Infected Meningitis Risk

Transmission of bacteria that cause meningitis can occur which is directly over the air or contact with the fluid in the respiratory tract, for example, the use of glass together. Germs will occupy the nasopharynx, then penetrate the mucous membrane. Irritation due to smoking also cause injury to the nasopharynx so that lower immunity and easy to breed bacteria.

"Until now there is no exact data how many smokers are exposed to meningitis. Yet smoking clearly increases the risk factors of meningitis," said Dr.dr.Iris Rengganis Sp.PD, KAI, FINASIM on a campaign to welcome the global meningitis titled Time to Arm Protect yourself for the Nation, Prevent Meningitis Novartis held in Jakarta on Tuesday. The magnitude of the risk of meningitis is similar between active and passive smokers. The same risk is also encountered people who often share a cigarette in one rod.

"Mucus patients containing batteries or viral meningitis in it could potentially move to a healthy person through intermediaries cigarette butt," said Iris. Besides the smoking habit itself means routinely put poison into the body because cigarettes contain a variety of toxic chemicals. This affects the body's weak defense on germs, including bacteria causing meningitis. Some bacteria that cause meningitis are Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neisseria meningitidis. While there are a group of viruses of enterovirus and influenza virus. Do not smoke the first step to prevent meningitis. "As much as possible do not have to smoke. Meningitis vaccine also can not work optimally if still smoking," said Iris.

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