" EXPERTS ESTIMATE " Cancer Cases Up 75 Percent In 2030

This is news to be wary of and anticipated . Experts study shows , in the world of cancer cases expected to surge to 75 percent in 2030 . Highest increase in cancer cases occur in predictable poorest countries with a projected increase could reach 90 percent .

The scientists stated that median certain types of cancers such as cervical cancer and stomach cancer is forecast to decline in developing countries . However , this decline is likely to be offset by a surge in various types of cancers associated with lifestyles " western " , such as breast cancer , prostate and colorectal .

In his research , the researchers analyzed data from the International Agency for Cancer Research on Cancer ( IARC ) of the 184 countries in 2008 . This analysis is intended to examine how current cancer trends which varies in different countries based on their level of development , as measured by the human development index ( Human Development Index / HDI ) .

Currently , the countries with a low HDI level (such as in sub - Saharan Africa ) have a high cancer cases are related to the type of infection such as cervical cancer , liver cancer , stomach cancer and Kaposi 's sarcoma tumors . Countries with higher levels of HDI ( such as Australia , Brazil , Russia and Britain ) had an average high for this type of cancer are related to smoking ( lung cancer ) , reproductive factors , obesity and diet ( breast , prostate and colorectal ) .

The improved welfare standards in the countries the HDI lowers cancer cases are associated with infection . But these countries also experienced a drastic increase in other types of cancer jensi that is developing in the country with an average HDI is higher , the researchers said in a report .

Average cancer cases could rise to 93 percent in countries with a low HDI in 2030 , and during the same period increased by 78 percent will occur in countries with medium HDI ( such as South African , Chinese and Indian ) , according to lead researcher Dr. . Freddie Bray from IARC .

Researchers also found that , on average, prostate cancer and breast cancer will increase in countries with medium HDI , high , or very high . In addition , the average case of stomach cancer and cervical cancer in general will decline in countries with medium HDI , high or very high .

Lung cancer is currently not a type of cancer that is usually found in countries with a low HDI , but will change if the habit of smoking is not managed effectively in these countries . The researchers also found that 40 percent of cancer cases worldwide in 2008 occurred in countries with HDI levels are very high, even though they are only a population of 15 percent of the world population .

Previously , IARC never make predictions , that by 2030 , there will be 26 million new cases of cancer and 17 million people of whom will die from cancer .

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