"Good news" Scientists Australia Find Malaria Vaccine

 Australian researchers have developed a vaccine that can fight all types of malaria. According to the ABC report Tuesday, scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research successfully modify the type strains of the malaria parasite to develop the vaccine. The clinical trial will be conducted in Australia by the end of 2013. Project's principal investigator, Professor Louis Schofield, said previous malaria vaccine developed by taking protein or DNA of the malaria parasite, so the only effective way to prevent malaria types that alone.

Scientists Australia Find Malaria Vaccine
Scientists Australia Find Malaria Vaccine 

"When we use the entire organism, it is possible that all of these proteins will be there, so we can create immunity that can attack all targets, and will be more effective against the recurrence of the infection," said Professor Schofield. According to the Reuters correspondent in Australia L Sastra Wijaya, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that malaria kills about 700,000 people annually. However, Prof Schofield said, one day, will be eradicated malaria exhausted.

I think we do need a new tool, and I think there is agreement that the vaccine is a necessary tool if we are to eradicate malaria, "said Professor Schofield. "However, the time will come. Problem is how much longer stay. Suspect I will still take a decade," said Professor Schofield.

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