Not always Treat Frozen Meat

Knowing the level of maturity of meat is in fact not difficult. Because, basically, some parts of the meat does not take much time to cook. "The best time to cook the meat while the meat is still fresh and has not been stored in the refrigerator," said Sharone Hakman, MasterChef U.S. Season 1, during a visit to Jakarta, some time ago .

Not always treat frozen meat
Not always treat frozen meat

Fresh meat will simplify and expedite the process of maturation. Unfortunately, after buying the meat is not directly address all the meat when cooked. The rest of the meat is usually stored in the freezer, and a new treaty again a few days later. Sharone revealed, although the meat is not damaged, but its quality and the juice is reduced.
Make sure you treat the meat when the meat is not frozen and cold again. The meat is still frozen to make the cut. In addition, the ice content in meat will tough meat overcooked. "Usually, the meat will be cooked on the outside but still raw and frozen in it," he explained. This will cause the juices in the meat can not get out and the meat becomes dry when they are consumed.
Therefore, before the process, the meat must be allowed to stand at room temperature for 30-40 minutes. This serves to remove any ice which is in the flesh. Once the meat is not frozen, make sure the wok and cook the oil already very hot so the meat cooked to perfection and the juices are still in the flesh. Oil and pans were not hot when you treat the meat meat will absorb too much oil and the juice is easily lost.

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