Current methods of diagnosis of cervical cancer is the main method for the detection of precursor lesions of servival cancer and cervical cancer at an early stage.
TesServiks iodine or normal vaginal squamous epithelium rich in glycogen, which can be given after the iodine brown liquid, while the epithelium of the cervix, cervical erosion, and abnormal squamous epithelium (including squamous metaplasia, dysplasia, carcinoma in the carcinoma in situ and invasive) there is glycogen, is colorless.
A biopsy of the cervix and cervical canal cervical Pap tests into class Ⅲ ~ Ⅳ, but when negative biopsy cervical squamous intersection of the cervical spine in 6, 9, 12 and 3: take four points in the test region iodine or biopsy of the tumor colorless and suspicion, take a little 'of fabric and a surgical biopsy or endocervical curettage small application scrapings sent for histological examination.
Radiotherapy adapted to colposcopy in all stages of cervical cancer, cervical cancer, also advanced. Radiopartikel treatment is also an effective treatment for cancer of the cervix. From this you can see, there are many ways to treat cervical cancer, patients with cervical cancer should not give up in advance, so it will work with your doctor, the choice of treatment of cervical cancer 'uterus are suitable for you and effective control of cervical cancer.

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