Cervical cancer is one of the most common malignancy in women, is the only cancer that can be found the cause. 
some symptoms of patients with cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV ) , the virus can be transmitted directly in contact with the skin , the incubation period can be more than ten years , then distadium early symptoms of cancer , cervical the uterus can be avoided can also be detected in cervical cancer screening routine can actually prevent cancer of the cervix.

some symptoms of patients with cervical cancer

The symptoms of cervical cancer :

1 . Associated with cervical erosion : In general, many patients with cervical cancer linked to cervical erosion , cervical erosion is the main cause of serious cancerous.
2 . Bleeding: Contact bleeding is a symptom of cancer of the cervix is more pronounced , approximately 70 % -80 % of patients without symptoms of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding . Most occur after intercourse or during a pelvic exam or pushy on time defecation , there was fresh blood mixed with vaginal secretions.
3 . Irregular vaginal bleeding : elderly women who have menopause many years, all of a " time " again suddenly without cause. Amount of bleeding is not much, so do not accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain and sizes, easily overlooked. Frequent presence of irregular vaginal bleeding are the early symptoms of cervical cancer , many patients come for treatment because of these symptoms should immediately get an early diagnosis of cervical cancer , taking medication on time .
4 . Pain: lower abdomen or lumbosacral area is often painful , sometimes the pain occurs in the upper abdomen , thighs and pelvic joints , each time the menstrual period , during bowel movements or sex, the pain increases , especially when the infection spreads leading to the back along the ligament or ligaments widely distributed on the bottom , forming a chronic inflammation of the connective tissue uterosacral parametrial , while the main ligaments thicken cervical pain will be more severe . Each affects the cervix , the direct cause of pain in the right iliac fossa , lumbosacral , patients with cervical cancer , even with symptoms of nausea.

some symptoms of patients with cervical cancer

5 . The increase in vaginal secretions ( discharge ): In clinical about 75% -85 % of patients with cervical cancer are increased vaginal discharge with a variety of levels . Most of the increase appears whitish , especially in relation to recent changes in scent and color. Stimulation of cervical cancer because cancerous lesions , the secretory function of the cervical glands increased, causing vaginal discharge such as mucus. These abnormal vaginal discharge , including increasing the number and change the characteristics , is an early symptom of cancer of the cervix.

some symptoms of patients with cervical cancer

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