Specialist food security and nutrition Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB ), Prof. Ahmad Sulaeman remind the public to be wary of imported fruit . It assesses imported fruits contain pesticide risks that may affect health, in particular the development of the reproductive organs .

"The price of imported fruits sold in supermarkets Indonesia sometimes cheaper than the price in the country of origin . Of course, this makes us wonder when asked why the product can be sold at a bargain price ? " As reported by The Sulaeman said in Bogor on Wednesday (16/5/2012) .

He further explains the issue of suspicion on these imported fruits . It is submitted , a fruit terminal in Rotterdam, Netherlands that the prevalence is similar to the Soekarno Hatta airport in Cengkareng it air warehouse for storage of fruits . For fruit , he said, an age range carrying two and the youngest is six months old .

To keep the fruit cold temperature, not dry and wrinkled , he said, then wax coated crust . In the candle also added fungicide that is not moldy fruit . According to him, the results of various studies indicate that fungicide commonly added are Vinclozolin kind of anti -androgen of the same nature as DDT ( dichloro -diphenyl- trichloroethane ) .

Antiandrogen said Sulaeman , may cause effects on the sterile insect . She explained, as we know, is the insecticide DDT " bygone era " that was extolled for his services in the treatment of various diseases transmitted vector insects.

" But now , the use of DDT in many countries in the world, including North America, Western Europe and also in Indonesia was banned ," he said .

According Sulaeman , various studies show consumption containing pesticide residues in foods, even low proved capable of causing demaskulinisasi that interfere with the development of reproductive organs. Therefore, it is not surprising if now many cases of sex found two or transgender .

Sulaeman view , double- fold more abundantly present case is the impact of the first green revolution. Such a condition not only in Indonesia, but also took place in several countries.

Show pesticides fruit can also threaten children. Ahmad explained , a Mexican national study that compares the common children consuming organic foods (without pesticides) and inorganic ( sprayed pesticides). As a result, he said , children exposed to pesticides is not always able to make even simple line drawings. In contrast, normal eating organic foods mentioned children can shoot very well.

danger, wary of pesticides on fruit imports
Dangers, wary of pesticides on fruit imports

Then some of the risk of disease is also possible to grow a child born of his mother appearing pesticides, such as leukemia and diseases including autism . For this, it is recalled that people return to local fruits like mangosteen, bisbul , jackfruit and many more.

" Unfortunately, our fruit markets , especially in supermarkets, is still dominated by imported fruit ," he said .

225 kinds of fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets, according Sulaeman , 60-80 percent are imported fruit .
" Except in Bali, lokalnya component is still high. But usually the fruit that is in the" supermarket "in Indonesia , 60-80 percent is imported, " he said.

Therefore, it should be emphasized again that the fans should be very wary of fresh fruit , especially lovers imported , such as grapes, apples and pears fruit. " Especially if there are specials fruit import with very cheap price, " he said.

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