A new drug for breast cancer with Kadcyla generic name has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA). The drug is claimed to increase the life expectancy of patients with advanced up to six more months stage.
Kadcyla targeting tumor cells without damaging healthy cells. This medicine can help improve the life expectancy is better. A patient, Lisa Canales (50 ), which fights against breast cancer for 15 years felt no improvement since receiving medication Kadcyla .

" A good way to explain the mechanism of this drug is the parable : if we turn off the lights in the ceiling, we had to turn off all the lights , however, with this drug, we can go to that we turn off the lights without turning off the other . " said Dr. . Marc Citron , director of cancer services at ProHealth Care Associates .

Lemon said, these drugs may provide better benefits than previous treatments. This is because these drugs can delay the progression of cancer cells for several months. Kadcyla provide better treatment with fewer side effects.
" This treatment is remarkable, because it can give me the opportunity to do the things I do . I did not have time to feel bad , because I spent 16 years of my time with cancer "said Canales .

It is used primarily for cancer on the stage or metastatic human epidermal growth factor receptor gene -2 (HER -2) positive spread. Positive HER- 2 is a protein produced by a gene that could potentially cause cancer. Kadcyla use in combination with the drug Herceptin ( trastuzumab) and taxane chemotherapy.

New medizine extends breast cancer patients age

Doctors hope to more widespread use of Kadcyla to fight breast cancer in the future.

"The drug is considered for use on the stage of early breast cancer , both patients before surgery , and the patient after surgery. In general , if an effective drug for cancer at an advanced stage , it will be more effective for the previous step , "said Lemon .


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