Sport benefit women every day keep cancer

The exercise was not only to make the body more fit. For women , exercise can be an effective bulwark against cervical cancer .

Research in the UK shows , exercise for 38 minutes a day in addition to keeping your diet can help prevent 44 percent of cancers of the cervix .

The latest study conducted by experts from Imperial College London. The researchers examined various studies since 2007 on cervical cancer and its association with diet , exercise and weight loss . The result , 44 percent of cervical cancers in the UK could be prevented through diligent maintenance of weight loss and exercise.

Sport benefit women every day keep cancer

Scientists believe there is a link between cancer and body fat. Among them, the fat releasing hormones that increase the risk of developing cancer. Exercise routine to maintain hormone levels are not excessive and increase endurance . Sport also keep the digestive system healthy .

Project report continuous updating of the World Cancer Research Fund (CUP) says at least 3,700 cases of cancer could be prevented every year by year .

Sport benefit women every day keep cancer

Unfortunately, according to the report , only 56 percent of women in the UK are actively engaged for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. In addition, only 39 percent who have a healthy weight category . There is no other way , women should exercise with due diligence to avoid the risk of uterine cancer .

" We were advised regular exercise 30 minutes a day and stay thin, but not underweight ," said the executive director of the Fund for Research on Cancer of the World ( WCRF ), Karen Sadler .

Cervical cancer is the most experienced of the disease aged over 60 women. The most common type of cancer of the endometrium.

"Cancer of the endometrium is the most common form. Though significant , the proportion of each year could be prevented by active exercise and eat a healthy meal , " said Dr. Elisa Bandera Institute cancer at Rutgers Americans who are also members of the UPC .


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