Do you know? Leisure Drink before pregnancy breast cancer trigge

Alcohol consumption are known to have adverse health effects . The risk became apparent after a recent large study shows , drinking alcohol before the first pregnancy triggers breast cancer later in life.
Other previous studies have demonstrated an association of alcohol consumption with increased risk of breast cancer . Delay having children also increases the risk .
Meanwhile, according to the researchers , the new study is that they are the first to study the effects of alcohol consumption in the period from the beginning of menstruation until the first pregnancy.
"The risk increased by 11 percent for every 10 grams of alcohol , the equivalent of six servings of alcoholic beverages per week. Risks were compared to those who do not drink alcohol , "said the author of Dr. Ying Liu , an expert in public health sciences at Washington University School of Medicine study.
One serving of alcohol is defined as cans that measures approximately 120 ml .

Do you know? Leisure Drink before pregnancy breast cancer trigger
Do you know? Leisure Drink before pregnancy breast cancer trigger

According to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the consumption of alcohol a day increases the risk portion of division of benign breast tumor cells in order to be a cancer risk increased by 16 percent . Benign tumors are known to be risk factors for breast cancer .
The researchers analyzed data on more than 91,000 women who were not diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the study . Asked about their drinking habits in 1989 and followed until 2009.
The new study also analyzes the derivative group is composed of more than 60,000 women who were evaluated from 1991 to 2001. Researchers to see if the respondent has a benign tumor that alcohol plays a role in its formation.
They found more than 1,600 cases of breast cancer and 970 benign tumor diagnosis during the study period.
They also concluded that the consumption of alcohol after the first period and before the first pregnancy associated with these risks, the alcoholic drink still not prosecuted after pregnancy. This relationship held even after considering other risk factors.
" Breast tissue is very sensitive to environmental exposures , termasjk pregnancy and the first menstruation. D ' Because, under these conditions, tissue cells undergo rapid cell division , if it is also susceptible to cancer , "said Liu .
The risk of cancer increases when there is an increase in the division of benign tumor cells cells . But, according to Liu, this is not the only way . In addition, the relationship is not a relationship of cause and effect.

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