Do you know? Making healthy teeth and mouth cheese

The results again demonstrate the benefits of cheese to oral health. According to research experts in the United States, proven to increase protection and reduce the risk of dental caries cheese because it can neutralize plaque acids .

As published in the journal General Dentistry , researchers are members of the Academy of General Dentistry, conduct research involving 68 respondents aged 12 to 15 years . In this study, a group of respondents were asked to eat cheddar cheese. While the other group consumed without milk and drinking yoghurt without sugar. After eating these foods, respondents were asked to gargle .

Measures acidity performed repeatedly . First, before the participants to eat these foods , then followed after the consumption of foods with a distance of 10, 20 and 30 min.

" Those who drink milk and cheese did not change the pH. While eating cheese acidity levels rose more alkaline , "said study leader Vipul Yadav .

Such changes, indicating a difference in the plate stack in the mouth. Plaque is known to thrive in an acid environment. Although alkali impede growth of the plate.

Making healthy teeth and mouth cheese
Making healthy teeth and mouth cheese

Cheese consumption will help neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth. Thus, to avoid the risk of the formation of tartar , and minimize the possibility of opening.

This is due to the abundant production of saliva (spit ), which is the natural way of the body to maintain a balanced pH. Cheese also creates a protective layer around the teeth . Layer of biochemical components , protect teeth against the acids that can damage the protective layer.

" Fermentation makes food more alkaline environment of the mouth, so it can protect the teeth . Cheese for example , the ability of anti- cavity memili ( perforated teeth) , "said Yadav .

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