Although it has a bitter taste but not a few people are fond of processed foods barrier . Pare the benefits of eating fruits , especially if the juice is made , it is effective to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the pancreas.

Bitter melon juice prevent pancreatic cancer

A study published in the carcinogenesis shows benefits firewall log for cancer prevention . The results of tests on mice with similar results three years ago , when tested in vitro.

Program co-chair of the prevention and the fight against cancer at the CU Cancer Center Rajesh Agarwal said, three years ago , researchers discovered the effect of bitter melon extract on cancer cells in breast using only Petri dish. This study was then developed using bitter melon juice that had been consumed by many Asians .

"The results of juice barriers can affect the pathways of glucose metabolism , which limits energy and kill pancreatic cancer cells ," said the professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is .

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer because it is very difficult to detect. Each year in the United States found 45,220 new cases and 38,460 deaths from pancreatic cancer. After diagnosis, the survival rate of patients after one year was 26 percent, and after five years is only 6 percent.

The researchers found that the decrease in growth capacity of human pancreatic cancer cells in mice by 60 percent. The researchers also found similar results in pancreatic cancer cells in vitro when finished.

Pare juice works by inhibiting the cell to metabolize glucose and restriction of energy intake for cancer cells . This would then make cancer cells lack energy because they rely on most of the energy from glucose and lack of alternative energy production.

"This is an exciting discovery . Many researchers create new drugs that target cancer cells ' ability to produce energy, and we have natural compounds that may be able to do , "said Agarwal .


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