DID YOU KNOW ? Men Also Need HPV Vaccination

Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV ) which is known as the biggest cause of cervical cancer among women was also attacked him . Therefore , not only the Eve of the need to make HPV vaccination , but also men .

HPV is known to have many types , both low-risk and the high risk of the disease . High-risk types , including types that cause cervical cancer is more dangerous for women . But there is also the type of disease-causing condylomata acuminate or venereal warts that also strike men . Wresti Indriatmi , dermatologist sex of Faculty of Medicine Hospital dr . Cipto Mangunkusumo ( Faculty of medicine / RSCM ) said , the cause of genital warts are HPV types 6 and 11 . This virus can affect both men and women .
According Wresti , genital warts may reduce the quality of life for the sufferer . "The decline in quality of life due to anxiety , embarrassment , and loss of self-confidence , especially during intercourse with a partner , " he said in a symposium organized by the Indonesian doctors Working Group ( IWG ) on Tuesday in Jakarta .
The prevalence of genital warts in Indonesia continues to increase in the last 10 years . In fact , during the years 2008-2011 , the number of cases of genital warts ranks highest for groups of sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) in RSCM . Accounts for up to 20.5 to 26 percent of all cases of STIs . Transmission of genital warts , said Wresti , could result from a sexual relationship with a partner who is already infected . " But do not always suspicious when your partner is suffering from genital warts , because the cause is not just from intercourse alone , " he said . Do not pay attention to genital hygiene is also one of the factors that increase the risk of HPV infection . " HPV types 6 and 11 can thrive well in moist conditions , so that sex should be protected from moisture , " explains Wresti .

In the same occasion , a specialist in internal medicine faculty of medicine / RSCM Prof . Samsuridjal Djauzi said , vaccination is an important factor in preventing the transmission of HPV . "Therefore, men can also develop HPV , then they also need to be vaccinated , " he said . Samsuridjal said , the best time to vaccinate is at or before the age of 10-26 years active in sexual activity . If you are sexually active , then prior to vaccination screening should be conducted to determine if the HPV infection has occurred .

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