Keep Oral Health Penis let me be strong

Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth can be the beginning to have a satisfying sexual life . Because , men who suffer from gingivitis risk threefold experience sluggish penis .

The researchers compared 80 men aged 30-40 years who suffer from erectile dysfunction with 82 men erection fine . As a result, about 53 percent of men with impotence are suffering from gingivitis, while in men with erectile problems are not only 23 percent of the inflamed gums .

So , what is the relationship between gingivitis and erection ? It is not clear , but several studies have revealed that poor oral health can damage the circulatory system so the blood flow to the penis too distracted . As a result , the penis becomes sluggish .

However , not just about brushing lazy can affect erectile dysfunction . Most of the researchers believe smoking also trigger the condition . Smoking will cause inflammation and impotence due to disruption of the function of blood circulation .

Keep Oral Health Penis let me be strong

Until now new research is finding a link between oral hygiene with impotence . However , there is no harm in starting to pay more attention to oral health . Clean your teeth twice every day , morning and evening after eating before going to bed . Consult a tooth to the dentist every six months so that any complaints and disorders addressed immediately.

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