Difficult childhood cancer detected

Compared to other diseases, cancer remains the leading cause of death among children in the school and pre- school age. One of the causes of childhood cancer is difficult to detect . This resulted in most of the patients were taken to the treatment at an advanced stage .

Difficult childhood cancer detected
Difficult childhood cancer detected

This is why it is important for parents to always check the health of their children to the doctor and be aware of signs and symptoms that are not usually in children.

" The key is early detection of children still do not know the symptoms ," says dr . Edi Setiawan Tehuteru SpA, Hospital Cancer Center Dharmais met Thursday.

According to Edi adult cancers can be detected , for example by means of (Breast Self -Check) BSE detection of breast cancer and Pap smear for early detection of cervical cancer .

While on childhood cancers , the most important to be aware of the symptoms known relatives is rare in children , given the many types of cancer in children as retinoblastoma ( eye cancer ) which can be detected.
Causes of childhood cancer are not known , but Eddie insists lifestyle and a healthy diet should still be taught to children early on. The goal is not to prevent cancer, but to prevent that by the time children reach adulthood , they can avoid the types of cancer that usually affects adults.

Most leukemia
The most common childhood cancers are leukemia or blood cancer. We can say that almost a third of cancer that occurs in children is leukemia .

The disease is usually diagnosed during a routine blood test that showed abnormal results . According to Edi , whose symptoms can be seen in patients with leukemia is eritrosis low blood levels so that the child is pale.
In addition, children often have a fever without cause known of leukocytes in the blood due to low or bleeding, nosebleeds , and may also cause low platelet count .

"When children have all three of these symptoms, a child may be exposed to suspected leukemia. Immediately take the child to the doctor to confirm whether the symptoms experienced can be classified as signs of leukemia, " he added .

In addition Edi said earlier or early leukemia in children are , the more chances of recovery. It is therefore important that parents are aware of the symptoms of cancer in children at an early age, especially leukemia.

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