Recognize early symptoms of blood cancer

BLOOD has an important role in the body. Therefore, any person who is deprived of blood should immediately seek treatment quickly. For example, someone who mengalalami accidents and loss of blood must be immediately taken to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

The same with people who suffer from blood disorders. No serious treatment, a person who has a blood disease will not survive long. Blood generally held since childhood, because it is a derivative or is genetic. Despite feeling sick, children are not usually able to recognize the disease in his body. Therefore, attention should not be a parent of a child staircase.

Recognize early symptoms of blood cancer

"Do not dismiss any complaint of children," said pediatrician Cancer Hospital Dharmais Edi Setiawan.

Recognize early symptoms of blood cancer
Recognize early symptoms of blood cancer 

Therefore, it may be, complaints of the child are the first symptoms of a serious illness. The faster examined, the more likely the child recovers. If the child is suffering from blood cancer, parents can still see the symptoms. For example, he was pale and lethargic. This is due to a lack of red blood cells child. Children with fever due to infection. "The fever cured if given the drug, but soon the fever again," said Edi.

Other symptoms, such as bleeding of the child occurs in patients
dengue fever. Bleeding can be a nosebleed, red spots on the skin, and bloody stools.

This occurs because the red blood puck children is very low. Leukemia can spread to other parts of the body such as the liver, neck, gum, testes, and bone. "You should be aware that if a child complains of bone pain," said Edi.

In blood disorders such as thalassemia and hemophilia, bleeding can be done by inspection of the mother or the father. "This disease can not be cured but can be prevented by the premarital examination," said the son of specialist hematology Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Amalia Pustika Wahidiyat.

Premarital examination is important because patients with thalassemia and hemophilia potentially reduce disease in the future. Based on data center thalassemia Jakarta, there are 100 new thalassemia patients each year. The trigger is a lack of awareness among prospective parents are inspection.

Similarly, patients with hemophilia. Hemophilia is more common in children boys and girls being the holder of nature (support). A woman can give birth to the child with hemophilia. Moderate hemophilia man who marries a normal woman would give birth to a surrogate daughter.

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