President of the Cancer Information and Support (CISC) Semarang Cahyaning Puji Astuti said, at least , there are about 11 types of vegetables that have proved effective in preventing the development of cancer .

" Fruits and vegetables are much more powerful than vitamins reality, but not all fruits and vegetables are anti- cancer ," he said after a seminar on "Preparing for cancer prevention Healthy Foods " in Telogorejo hospital Semarang .

Naning said , cancer prevention 11 vegetables, including cabbage , garlic , onions , soy , turmeric , green tea , tomatoes , citrus fruits, chocolate, fruits and berries , such as blueberries and strawberries.

However , although some fruits and vegetables have been effective as anticancer necessary vigilance and understanding of substances contained in vegetables, including the process of attention.

According to him, the cabbage is the main enemy of cancer or green cabbage , white cabbage , broccoli, cauliflower , watercress , cabbage and purple. In fact , the effectiveness of cabbage is known since the time of Hippocrates around 460-377 .

" Hippocrates said , cabbage is a vegetable with thousands of properties , and consume at least five servings of cabbage per week reduced the risk of cancer and slow the progression of cancer ," he said.

However, treatment of cabbage should always be considered in order to eliminate the use of which does not overcook , but must be clean, and chew carefully.

Garlic and onions are also very effective in preventing cancer , particularly cancers of the digestive tract , esophagus , stomach , colon , prostate , lung and breast cancer .

" Cancer prevention food found in soybeans , many turned into tofu, tempeh , and milk. Because soy contains isoflavones which are anticancer compounds that have a similar chemical structure to sex hormones , "he said.

With regard to the similarity of the chemical structure of isoflavones with sexual hormones , warns , excessive consumption of soy is not recommended for patients with breast cancer and prostate cancer .

"Second cancer is a type of cancer that is highly dependent on estrogen hormones , namely breast cancer and hormone androgen for prostate cancer ," said Naning who also had cancer.

In addition, he said , the recipe to avoid the risk of cancer can be done by avoiding certain foods , for example, pickled food, smoked foods , and fried foods.

" Regular exercise , quitting smoking , and avoiding the consumption of red meat is also an implementation of healthy lifestyles that must be implemented to prevent cancer ," said Naning .

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