Prevent lung cancer garlic

Benefits of garlic not just add a delicious aroma from the kitchen. Garlic also reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Studies in China have found the adult habit of eating raw garlic twice a week , the risk of lung cancer 44 percent less . Even when the factors included in the lifestyle of smoking, the risk of lung cancer decreased by 30 percent.

Research by a team from the Centre of Jiangsu Province for Disease Control and Prevention. The researchers compared the health of 1,424 lung cancer patients with 4,500 healthy adults .

The researchers asked the lifestyle and eating habits of respondents. Including the frequency of garlic consumed and whether the respondent smoked. The results of this study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

Previous research has also stated , garlic can protect the lung against a variety of conditions. One of these conditions such as colon cancer tumors .

It is unclear whether cooked garlic has the same effect . However, previous research indicating anticancer chemicals in garlic, allicin, the garlic cloves can unravel when cut .

Allicin is also used to reduce inflammation and act as an antioxidant and free radical damage to body cells mngurangi . Another benefit of garlic is repelling bacteria and drug-resistant malaria .

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