Taxable skin cancer , higher risk of death among men

Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate. Men and women are equally at risk of becoming a victim of malignant cancer cells. The same thing happens in a skin cancer . The chances of contracting the disease was 17.2/ 100,000 men and 17.3/ 100,000 women.

Since 1970, deaths among men on average because of melanoma has increased 185 percent, while only 55 percent among women. While the average predicted mortality in men increases, while women tend to be stable.

Recent research states , men 70 percent more likely to die of a malignant melanoma or skin cancer than women. Malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer is the most serious . This figure is based on data obtained by Cancer Research UK in 2011.

Data conversion , the man who died of malignant melanoma showed a prevalence of 3.4/ 100,000 , while in women is 2 100 000 . This indicates that the 6200 men diagnosed melanoma , about 1,300 die from the disease . While women only occurs in 900 of 6600 people diagnosed each year.

Experts of the skin States Cancer Research UK, the difference in mortality between men and women may be due to men tend to be diagnosed at terlembat already entered a stage melanoma . However , there may be a biological reason for this phenomenon .

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