Smoking Also Breast Cancer Trigger

Increase by one more reason to stay away from cigarettes. Tobacco smoke habits mentioned recent research increases the risk of breast cancer, especially if the smoke began at a young age.

For years, experts continue to wonder if smoking is directly related to risk of breast cancer or whether the association was due to the majority of smokers also consumed alcohol. First drinking alcohol is known to trigger breast cancer.

Smoking Also Breast Cancer Trigger
Smoking Also Breast Cancer Trigger

The results of the study it gives different results. In 2004, surgeons research in the United States concluded that there was no causal link between smoking and breast cancer.

But in a recent study that analyzed more than 73,000 women, found a strong association between smoking and breast cancer.

"Relationship not only between alcohol and breast cancer, but the fact that smoking as well," said Mia Gaudet, director of genetic epidemiology at the American Cancer Society.

The initiation of smoking also affects the level of risk. "Women who started smoking before their first child at a higher risk," said Gaudet.

The study was carried out by analyzing the data of women who have long-term monitoring of cancer studies. During the 14 years of women's health is monitored.

The incidence of invasive breast cancer is 24 percent higher among those who still smoke and 13 percent higher in women who have never smoked compared to those who never smoked.

While women who started smoking before the first period, the risk of about 61 percent compared to never smokers. While to get used to smoking about 11 years or more before delivery risk is about 45 percent.

Gaudet believes there is a link from a combination of smoking and drinking alcohol and its effects on breast cancer.

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