Fish oil Lemuru Strong Bones

Three students of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Jember, Ali Taqwim, Hendri Kharisma Putri Jaya Permana and won the first prize of scientific writing required Student Association Faculty of Dentistry All Indonesia Senate. They use lemuru as an object of discussion because of the existence of this fish fish is very abundant and seasons when prices fall.

Fish oil Lemuru Strong Bones
Fish oil Lemuru Strong Bones

Ali Taqwim Tegalboto campus of the University of Jember, East Java, on Monday stated that the fish seems to have salmon lemuru class potential and rich in omega-3. Lemuru fish that are often underestimated, it turns literature contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid pentaenoic) and DHA (acid dokosa of heksaenoat) is quite high. Abortion is no less with salmon and cod, said Ali Taqwim.
Their research report with the results of the study revealed that the omega-3 in fish oil could lemuru strengthen teeth, despite being equipped with wire. It was revealed scientific document entitled the potential of omega 3 fish oil fatty acids in the prevention of relapse Lemuru Post Ortodentik care.
The content of EPA Omega 3, according Kharisma Putri has the activator function of the immune system and strengthens bones, being beneficial DHA adds intelligence. We find the fact has not been much use of omega-3 fish lemuru but abundant in number, most of the princess.
Hendri said, the biggest fish of the current use of canned sardines, fish oil during lemuru more for leather tanning and cosmetic ingredients industry. In fact, if untreated, it can be taken fish oil omega-3, and can add value, said Hendri.
According to Ali Taqwim Event Contest Association scientific test students Faculty of Dentistry and Pepsodent Senate implemented in Fakultas dental Airlangga University.
Previously, Ali Taqwim with Dewi Kharisma Putri Melliana Trismi Utami and finished second in the categories of activities Kopetisi displays Dentistry Scientific Meeting (DSM) of V.
The poster, entitled Study on the effectiveness of the detection of temporomandibular joint disorders Stateskop jury has the advantage of being easy to apply. In addition, the poster has a creative ude.

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