Tall Women at greater risk of cancer?

Women who have a height above average risk of cancer than those small size (less than 155 cm) . Those above 175 cm high cancer risk 37 percent higher.

The study was conducted on more than one million women in the United Kingdom in a study that examined the relationship between the size and incidence of 17 types of cancer. In general, for each 10 cm high , the risk is increased by 16 percent.

Tall Women at greater risk of cancer
Tall Women at greater risk of cancer?

However, keep in mind , the actual risk of cancer in a group of this size is not large . For example, in 1000 women in the height ( 173.8 cm ) will be 10 who are diagnosed with cancer each year. Meanwhile, the group of medium size ( 160 cm), there are eight cancers diagnosed. This means that there is an additional 2 diagnoses per 1000 women high above the group average .

Large-scale study conducted by a team from the University of Oxford has also incorporated other risk factors on the incidence of cancer, such as socio -economic status and smoking habits.

However , Cancer Research UK, said , including large women do not have to worry about the results of such research . Although its height contribute to cancer risk , there are other factors that play a role that family history and life.

Height can not be changed, but the adoption of a healthy lifestyle , regular exercise , avoiding alcohol , and quitting smoking is proven to reduce the risk of cancer means .

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