The tall woman 's most vulnerable cancer

Tall women seem to be more conscious to maintain their lifestyle. Reason, a new study shows , tall women have a higher risk of developing cancer , especially after entering menopause risk. Expert studies of Yeshiva University said, each 10 cm high , the risk of cancer among women increased by 13 percent. This study found that several types of cancers associated with high weight .

According to researchers, the height associated with breast , colon , endometrium , kidney, ovary, thyroid , and rectum , as well as melanoma and myeloma . Indeed, this relationship has not changed despite being coupled with risk factors for cancer.

This large-scale study to analyze 20 928 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 years in 1993 and 1998. Dr. Geoffrey Kabat a researcher , a senior dermatologist at Yeshiva University to accept the results of the study is quite surprising that more cancers associated with high weight .

The tall woman 's most vulnerable cancer
The tall woman 's most vulnerable cancer

"Cancer is the result of the growth process , it is logical if hormones and other growth factors that influence height also affect the risk of cancer ," said Kabat .

Kabat said, a portion of the genetic variation associated with height is also associated with cancer risk. Although further studies are necessary to obtain more information on the issue.

In this study , participants were followed for 12 years. In addition to size, there are other underlying factors that are taken into account , including age , weight, education , smoking, alcohol consumption , and hormone therapy.

The study, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention found all the factors involved, the factor of height is always included in the risk of certain types of cancer. In melanoma, breast cancer , ovarian , endometrial , and colon , large risk women from 13 to 17 percent higher . And renal cancer , rectum , thyroid , blood, they have a risk of 23 to 29 higher .

Kabat said the ratio of height with cancer can find nutrients that affect the risk of cancer of a person. "Exposure at a young age , including nutrition plays a role in influencing the risk of cancer later in life, " he concluded

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